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Top 10 Sedans for 2019

By , 12/1/2020

As the end of the year approaches, we look back and fondly remember our favorite sedans of 2019.

Another year has come and gone, and another is quickly approaching. Every year, around Thanksgiving, I try to start looking back at the automotive year that we have had, and put into context what took place throughout this year. And what a year it has been. 

The return of the Toyota Supra, the mid-engine Corvette, the return of the BMW 8 Series, Jeep Gladiator, FCA mergers, Nissan's quarrels with the law, and so much more. It has truly been an eventful automotive calendar. 

So we want to honor those cars that leapt out at us the most throughout this year, starting with the top ten sedans of 2019.

#10. Volkswagen Arteon

Base MSRP Range: $35,845 - $46,710

The Volkswagen Arteon is the stylish new mid-size sedan from Volkswagen. New for 2019, the Arteon essentially replaces the now-retired Volkswagen CC. The Arteon earned a place on this list for styling alone, but a host of useful features, an attractive and comfortable interior, and of course the awesome “sportback” design that makes the Arteon as useful as a hatchback. 

The price tag is definitely higher than we would like to see, and based on value alone, this car has no business being on this list. But Volkswagen went out on a limb and made a car with actual design, rather than simply making another sedan, and for that, we commend you VW. Now make it more affordable and we’ll see about your placement on next year's list.

#9. Mazda 3

Base MSRP Range: $21,000 - $27,900

Ah, the Mazda 3, a personal favorite of mine. The beautifully sculpted body gives the Mazda an overtone of class that is not typically seen in a sedan (or hatchback!) of this caliber. The classy vibe is continued into the Mazda where upscale materials and premium electronics make the cabin feel like something far out of its price point. 

The best part of the Mazda 3 is that Mazda has not only classed it up with better styling and a comfortable interior, but it's also fun to drive. The sharp handling comes from a compliant suspension and crisp steering that is communicative and engaging.

#8. Honda Accord

Base MSRP Range: $23,870-$36,100

It’s hard not to include the Honda Accord on a list like this. I actively tried to keep the Accord out of the top ten, but just couldn’t consciously do it. Honda offers such unbelievable value that it has to be included. 

Sure, the ride is a bit less refined than some of its competitors, prices are slightly higher than competitors, and the interior isn’t as nice as Mazda or even Hyundai, but it’s the all-around package that makes the Accord make the list every year. The sporty ride, excellent reliability, and high residual value make it one of the best “all-rounder” vehicles available today.

#7. Mercedes-Benz C Class

Base MSRP Range: $41,400 - $74,600

Try as hard as you might want, it’s difficult to beat Mercedes-Benz. The current Mercedes line-up has arguably the best interiors of any vehicle, and the C-Class brings that upscale interior into an affordable and reasonable platform. 

The wide range of available engines and drivetrains to choose from means that there is a C Class for everyone, as long as you are willing to pay out a little more than the average mid-size sedan customer.

#6. Mazda 6

Base MSRP Range: $23,800 - $35,100

The Mazda 6 is a premium sedan for economy car prices. The upscale cabin is like nothing else in its class, and the peppy engine and sporty ride offer the driving experience of a car that was tuned for both fun and comfort. Though not as finely tuned as a German luxury sedan, the fact that we even compare it to one instead of its actual Japanese. Korean, and American counterparts is worth noting. 

The design of the exterior and the quality of the interior compete with cars far out of its pricing class.

#5. Toyota Camry

Base MSRP Range: $24,295 - $35,000

The classic Toyota Camry still finds it home on this list. It will be a sad day when the Camry isn’t featured in the top ten. The Camry is the go to, the one that’s always there, the pal you can rely on. 

If anyone asks me what I recommend for them to buy, no matter what the Camry is on that list, even when they are looking for a luxury sedan, the Camry still gets an honorable mention. 

In recent years, the other auto manufacturers have begun to catch up with the tried and true classic. But that’s the glory of the Camry. It has been tried, and has been true. Now that we can get TRD Camry’s with over 300 horsepower though, I am worried about the character of the reliable buddy that is the Camry is going through a bit of a mid-life party stage. Let’s just hope he’s there still on the other side. 

#4. Audi A6

Base MSRP Range: $54,100 - $67,100

The completely redesigned for Audi A6 is a one-stop-shop champ. It’s quick, reliable, fun to drive, more refined than ever, and features any weather capabilities. This is the best daily driver in the luxury sedan class.

There are other sedans that may have better performance, or a nicer interior (honestly probably not), or better infotainment system, but the Audi does it all, and does it all well. That’s what makes it such a good car, is it is the best at surpassing the expectations of the average car buyer on every level.

#3. Buick Regal Sportback

Base MSRP Range: $25,370 - $39,070

The Buick Regal Sportback is a value grab if we’ve ever seen one. With a starting price as low as $25,000, the Regal Sportback is competitive with economy based sedans. 

Yet it is considered a luxury car, and rightfully so. The seats are amazingly comfortable, the interior is quiet, and the features are plentiful. 

Though not as well-made as other luxury cars in its class, the Regal proves itself with an excellent ride quality and a great value. Bonus Buick Trick: the trunk is a hatch that opens the rear window as well. Nice added touch.

#2. Kia Stinger

Base MSRP Range: $32,990 - $52,400

I love writing about this car, it is simply one of the greats. A car that is confusing in its own brands line-up, the Kia Stinger can compete with sedans far out of its price point, at least in performance. The 3.3l twin-turbo V6 makes ample power and the interior is well-enough off. The trim could be nicer, but is more than sufficient with the KIA badge on the front. 

The sporty and stylish appearance stands out against its competitors and the large interior makes for a great family vehicle. Topping all of this off is Kia’s industry-best warranty.

#1. Genesis G70

Base MSRP Range: $34,900 - $52,250

Riding on the same platform as the Kia Stinger, the Genesis G70 has a strong starting point. Only the thing is, the G70 is better in every conceivable way. The interior is on par with the best in its class, the performance, especially with the 3.3l TT V6, out performs similarly equipped German sedans, and the value, well the value is where it all gets really good. 

Starting at nearly $10,000 less than its competitors, the G70 offers amazing performance and luxury at a bargain price.


The Americans may be abandoning the sedan, but they are far from dead. There is a thriving market for sedans and we love that you all have kept them alive! Next up, we will take a look into our favorite SUVs of the year, and see who is the number one choice! (Hint: it’s not the Urus, I couldn’t let myself)

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