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What Is Rydeshopper?

Here at Rydeshopper, we like to think of car buying as an exciting experience. "New Car Day Should Be Awesome" is our motto, and we truly believe it. For too long, the car buying experience has been a difficult, obscure process that seems to only be trumped in complication by purchasing a home, or maybe going to the moon.

We aim to make the car buying process simpler and more concise. With access to real-time pricing, invoice price, MSRP, car reviews, car buying tips, comparisons, and much more.

We are here to make your car buying process much simpler and easier, all from the comfort of your own home, on your time. Heck, you can research in your undies if you want! We won't care!

Who Is Rydeshopper?

Rydeshopper is a Detroit based automotive research website specifically designed with the car buyer in mind. While most other sites' only goal is to send you off to the dealer as quickly as possible, we aim to give you the tools needed to make you a more knowledgeable and qualified shopper.

We have the insight and know-how of over 100 years of combined automotive experience, and we want you to walk away with the right knowledge to make a qualified, and smart automotive purchase.

We work with in-market consumers looking to get a great deal. We team with only the qualified dealers in your local area, which means no one calling you from 300 miles away, as long as the proper information is included! The dealers within our network are certified and accredited stores contacting you with their best upfront pricing and information.

Is Rydeshopper Legit?

YES! Of course we are! Feel free to visit our Facebook or Instagram pages to dive deeper into our social media presence and learn even more about who we are and what we do.

Rydeshopper Reviews

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