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Knowing These Values May Save You Thousands

By , 9/22/2022

Finding the right car doesn't have to be so tricky.


  • There are key values to know when buying a new car. 
  • MSRP is the manufacturer's suggested price for a vehicle; the invoice price is the dealer cost for the vehicle. 
  • Finding real dealer pricing can be difficult without the right tools. 

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DETROIT - Just about everyone is looking to save when they are buying a new car. Putting in the work can potentially save you thousands from your out the door cost - but there’s a problem. It's not always easy to know exactly what you should be paying for your new car. Not to fear! Here are some simple tricks to know exactly what you should be paying and exactly where to find them. 

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Know the MSRP For Your Vehicle

The first thing you should consider is the MSRP for the vehicles you are interested in. MSRP stands for Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price and is the price that the auto manufacturer suggests that retail stores (dealerships) sell their product for. Dealers can choose what to price their vehicles at, so knowing the MSRP gives you a key advantage when comparing prices. 

MSRP is easy to find when at the dealer and is listed on every window sticker (Monroney sticker). However, how do you find the MSRP before getting to the dealer? 

That’s where sites like Car Deal Finder come into play. They are able to provide an instant MSRP for every vehicle you are comparing, plus more. 

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Invoice Price

The real key to saving, however, is the invoice price. Remember, the manufactures and dealers are actually two separate entities. The dealer purchases the vehicles from the manufacturer and sells them to you for a markup. Invoice price is what the dealers pay when they purchase the vehicles directly from the OEM. 

It has always been challenging to find invoice prices online, as dealers bury deep on their site. Hours of research can sometimes prove fruitless because most sites won’t show invoice price. Car Deal Finder, however, is able to provide detailed invoice pricing on your vehicles instantly. 

By letting a website like Car Deal Finder do the work for you, you end up saving time and money. Insert your zip code and your dream car model into the website and the app will quickly scan the best deals in your area. You’ll see all the possibilities available in minutes – not hours or days. You can find the perfect car for you at the perfect price.

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Where to Find It

You won’t find the best car deals just by walking onto a random car lot and talking to the first salesman who appears… And many of the best deals aren’t advertised on TV. That’s because car dealers would rather keep the biggest discounts quiet so you pay full retail price.

Dealers don’t want to give out what they pay, because then all their cards are on the table. However, it is fairly easy to find if you know where to look. Using websites like Car Deal Finder, you can easily have access to invoice pricing to see what the dealers are paying. 

Getting the right info before heading into the dealer is going to be your key to saving thousands. Who would have thought that a little self-education would get you so far?!

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