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How A Lease Pull Ahead Can Save You Thousands

By , 4/9/2021

Whether you're trending to go over on miles or simply are ready for an upgrade, there are options for you to get into a new lease.

Lease Pull Ahead is a great way to get into a brand new lease while skipping out on your last several payments. Here are the deets.

What Is A Lease Pull Ahead?

Typical lease terms run 2-3 years. You run your allotted time, with the allotted miles, turn it in when you're done, and be on your merry way. However, there is an option that allows you to "pull ahead" the last few months of your lease, and hop into a new lease several months early. What essentially happens with a Lease Pull Ahead is you turn in your lease early—often with the dealer paying off the remaining payments for you—and sign up for a new lease. 

The Lease Pull Ahead program is designed to help both you and the dealer. You get into a new lease earlier than planned and skip out on several payments, and dealers keep you on as their customer or bring you on as a new customer from another dealer.

Essentially, you move your lease end date up several months, without having to pay the difference. 

This may seem like bad business for the dealer, but spending a little extra money to earn your business for an additional three years is well worth the cost. Reaching customers before their lease date up allows the dealer to keep you as a customer or earn your business instead of taking the chance of losing you to another dealer when your lease is up.  

This also allows the dealer to obtain in-demand pre-owned vehicles. If your vehicle is in high-demand, the dealer will be interested in obtaining your vehicle to move that in-demand vehicle onto their pre-owned lot. 

Which Brands Are Offering Lease Pull Ahead? 

As of right now, most brands all have Lease Pull Ahead offers available to those customers within six months of their lease end date. 

What’s unique among the brands is their willingness to work with competitive lessees. Some brands, in an effort to bring in new customers, are willing to front the remaining payments your competitive lease, while others will only offer Lease Pull Ahead programs to existing customers.

Find Local Lease Offers

Foreign brands, such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, VW, and Mazda are less likely to take competitive lessees, typically offering Lease Pull Ahead to existing customers. However, they offer Lease Pull Ahead programs more often and are willing to help with a pull ahead offer by rolling the remaining payments into your new lease.
Domestic brands, such as Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Buick, RAM, and Chrysler, however, often have programs available to customers with competitive offers, along with brand-loyal lessees. 

Where to Find Lease Pull Ahead Offers?

Lease Pull Ahead programs are often advertised to existing customers and not many other places. It can often be difficult to find the specials, especially online. Getting in touch with your local dealer will be the best way to get a detailed Lease Pull Ahead estimate since each leasing case will be unique. 

Starting the conversation with your local dealer is the easy first step to finding the best lease deals out there. And is especially useful for finding Lease Pull Ahead specials. 

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